Elizabeth Murray Workshops 

My programs are always a combination of discovery, delight and expansion. Your imagination and connection to beauty, nature and creativity will deepen. Delicious local food awakens the senses along with beautiful surroundings, seasonal flower bouquets, and taking time to appreciate the beauty around you. Very popular for corporation spousal events as well as retreats for friends, mother and daughters, and all who seek to expand their creativity in a nourishing playful setting. Each program is individually tailored to the group. Workshops can be held at my historic home and gardens in Monterey or other locations around the world. Monet’s Gardens in Giverny France, Rancho La Puerta, Mexico and in Botanical Gardens and Museums around the country. 


- Current Workshops - 

the gardens of giverny - 2019

If you've ever wanted to experience the brilliance of Monet and his extraordinary gardens in Giverny, France then I invite you to join me for an unforgettable and unique artistic adventure.


nature printing: the spring garden

This unique mixed-media workshop combines plant-pressing, printing plants, and hand coloring. Using flowers, foliage, feathers, and insects, create a charming composition that will be inked, pressed onto paper, and then painted.


life mapping

Find the central purpose of your life. You will discover and create your own personal road map for living your life dream, with heart and meaning in alignment with your highest destiny and calling.

sketching and watercolor

Fun, quick drawing lessons to deepen your ability to see, your hand and eye skills, and to learn about simple and clear good design elements- what makes art sing?

Cathderal Oaks smp.jpg

i-phone photography

Use layered apps to create your own stunning images. Engage with beauty, create, play, enjoy walks in nature, historic gardens and architecture.

hand made books

Beautiful hand made papers will inspire you for covers and inset papers. This project is both fun and satisfying to make and have.

hand tied bouquets

You will have the pure pleasure of selecting your favorite colors and flowers from hundreds all chosen for you. This traditional European way of creating a flower arrangement in your hands is practical and very charming.