Life Mapping

Find the central purpose of your life. You will discover and create your own personal road map for living your life dream, with heart and meaning in alignment with your highest destiny and calling. Plant seeds to cultivate each day to bloom into a garden of meaning and joy. Join us for this enriching event to nourish your spirit, mind, body and soul. You will feel energized and inspired with clarity and a renewed commitment to what you love and value. You will have your own personal Life Map in hand.

Life Mapping Workshop - $190
Jan. 26, 2019

10am - 4pm at Elizabeth Murray’s Artist’s Cottage

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Elizabeth Murray's book Living Life in Full Bloom explores four pathways for cultivating your heart and soul, expanding your creativity and imagination, and leading to greater purpose.

She is a teacher who can will introduce to you simple practices to acknowledge and cultivate your gifts and offer them to the world for more meaning, purpose, and joy.