Blessings all around you…


When we kneel to touch the ground as humble gardeners - weeding, planting, harvesting-we are in reverence for the Earth.  Every action we take can be of love & nurture of all living beings. This is the moment & our great calling to be of service for our Earth & all of life now & in future generations. 

What connects you to the blessings all around you? 


Living Joyfully


When our inner compass is set for joy and gratitude, challenges can be perceived as temporary and appreciation can be experienced each day. 

It is my creative and spiritual practice to hold joy and grief or joy and fear equally so I can move through the challenge - maintaining authenticity and vulnerability. Today I celebrate keeping my compass set on joy and creativity.

What is inner your compass set for?


May you find love on your path.

May you find love on your path in unexpected ways. May bits and pieces, broken and whole, from here and there, come together to form love every step in your journey. May the seeds of love you have sown and watered with care flourish and bloom bringing beauty and joy in your life and the lives you touch. 

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Where does love flourish in your life? 


Doing what you love, finding your raison d'être.


For fulfillment in life we must find our raison d'etre or Ikigai, "a reason for being” When we follow what we love with passion, gain skills and are alined with what the world needs as well as what you can be paid for - it is both our vocation and profession. Being fulfilled is deeply meaningful and brings joy and purpose to our lives. 

What is your Ikigai or reason for being? Or as Mary Oliver so famously asked - "What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?" 

  - Elizabeth

I wish you joy!


For 2019 I wish you joy. The renewable resource that feeds our soul, lights up our life and allows us to be more generous. With joy, gratitude is natural and forgiveness is easier. Each day we can find the humor that helps us balance the challenges and focus on what we love most. I invite you to deepen your creative expression- especially in nature and welcome in the new year with joy. 




May we offer our Grace to one another today,  giving thanks as we gather with friends and family to share our abundance and joy. Blessings on this meal, thank you for the nourishment of the Earth, sun, rain, farmers and cooks who enable us to feast and celebrate. May everyone know they are loved and appreciated.

What are you most grateful for? Do you have a favorite grace you offer? 


A garden takes Dedication, Devotion & Determination


A garden takes dedication, devotion and determination over many seasons to flourish and thrive- just like raising a child or seeing your creative projects come to fruition. Both vision, and hard work are required to enrich the soil, plant, water, weed, and prune before harvest.  Each day, we are invited into enchantment through the door of beauty opening our hearts with joy and gratitude.  

What have you given your dedication and hard work to that has cultivated joy and gratitude in  your life?


Honor your ancestors


This time of year when the veils between worlds is the most thin is the most potent time to honor your ancestors. Every culture has a tradition to honor their loved ones who have gone before them and enabled them to be who they are today. Consider making your own altar with photographs, lighting a candle, offering flowers, and a prayer of gratitude for standing behind you with love and support. 

How do you honor your ancestors?

  - Elizabeth



Contentment comes from being present in the moment and knowing "what I have and who I am is enough”. Contentment blooms peace in the heart and delight in the spirit. Gratitude and appreciation naturally flourish seeding generosity and joy each day. 

What brings you contentment in your life? 

  - Elizabeth