Living Life in Full Bloom at Ranch la Puerta

The week program will be a lovely compliment to the beauty and healing of Rancho La Puerta. Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose, with imagination and vision—in a way that honors the Earth, the spirit, and one another. Elizabeth Murray encourages and nurtures each person to explore four personality attributes (Gardener, Artist, Lover, and Spirit Weaver), or pathways, that create a framework for practicing mindfulness, unleashing potential, and reviving communities. As Gardeners, readers will learn to observe and grow; as Artists, they’ll discover creativity and new possibilities; as Lovers, they’ll lead with the heart and commit to things they’re passionate about; and as Spirit Weavers, they’ll create rituals and express gratitude.

Living Life in Full Bloom
Accented with Elizabeth Murray’s exquisite “nouveau vintage photography” as digital slides, each guest will become acquainted with the Four Pathways to Full Bloom with inspiring stories and practical ideas that can be tried throughout the week.

The Gardener
We will explore the gardens, walking and trying some of the practices: Ahh and Awe–beauty that relaxes us and brings wonder and delight, Creating Sacred Space, Awakening your Senses, Connections of Soil and Soul, Attentiveness and Patience.

The Artist
Drawing as meditation–simple and fun drawing exercises to train ourselves to really see. Developing our Artist helps us think creatively and be more flexible to change with a sense of delight and discovery.

The Lover
We will explore our passions, what we truly love and some of the ways of the lover: deep listening, being venerable and authentic to let our heart shine.

Spirit Weaver
We will explore becoming a Peach as we age. What does it mean to retain our juicy passionate self and share our golden wisdom as a mentor? We will reflect on our Happiness and Gratitude.  We will talk about personal rituals, celebrations and the gift of presence. Each person will create a wind wish to hang in the garden or take home with them with a personal blessing to hang on a tree and blow in the wind.

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September 23
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