Photography has been an art and profession for decades. It is a way to capture this moment in time. I published Painterly Photography, Awakening the Artist Within 20 years ago and created a movement! A hybrid of photography and painting, employing a vintage Polaroid camera, painting on the enlarged image with oils, pastels, and colored pencils. Each print is hand-colored and unique. Today I find much creativity with iPhone photography as well as my straight photography for my Monet Calendars and publications.

Cathedral Oaks
iPhone Photograph

Monet’s Lilies
Giverny, France - iPhone Photograph

Monet's Waterlilies
72"x48" - Hand painted photograph on watercolor paper.

Roses For Love
12"x12" - Hand painted SX-70 photograph printed on watercolor paper.

Tea At Lizzie's
24"x24" framed to 33"x33"