This spring, welcome Full Bloom into your garden and your life! Consider inviting a friend or more to follow the paths of the Gardener, Artist, Lover and Spirit-Weaver with you as cultivate what you love. What are the seeds of love and creativity you are planting at this time?

Have fun and win a copy of Living Life In Full Bloom. Here is what you do: take photographs of you or friends holding the book or place it in different settings like the photo above in my garden. I would like to post them on Instagram and facebook. I will give out 5 books to those photos that best illustrate each of the following categories:

  • Gardener
  • Artist
  • Lover
  • Spirit-Weaver
  • and the most playful!

I can hardly wait! Some friends are going to bring Full Bloom on trips to take photos in foreign places, nature or with monuments! Use your imagination- for me this has been tons of fun. If you are on Instagram try #LivingLifeInFullBloom and tag @elizabeth_murray to have your photos considered. Submit your photos through May 31 to be included!

Video: What inspired me to write Living Life In Full Bloom

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