Monet's Garden: New York Botanical Garden exhibit spotlights artist's passion for gardening

I sent off almost 100 photographs for this show, and have written 2 articles for the catalog. The show will run from mid May-mid Oct. I go back for the opening receptions May 17 and lecture May 18 & 19. They expect 5,000 visitors each of the opening days!  35 of my photographs will be offered for sale in Shop in The Garden. I printed everything with archival green inks on canvas to avoid glass and framing and also to make the images more assessable yet durable. I am excited to show some new images from my 25 years of work. Panoramas, HDR, painterly photography, Nouveau Vintage flower portraits, an image of Monet’s water garden printed as 9 individual photos and in the Conservatory there will be one of my photographs over 11’ across and 6’ high! More images will be on the App to help interpret the show, in signage, and in the catalog. I hope you can visit!