Happy Easter!

I love tulips! They were the first flower I learned to draw. Tulips celebrate Spring for me more then any other flower - each one has transformed from a dried up bulb. A faithful gardener planted the bulbs in Autumn. She trusted the time and process of the rhythm of life. Over winter they lay unseen under the ground. When the weather warmed up, song birds migrate to sing in the garden - urging the bright green shoots to break the earth crust. A pair of sculptural green leaves embrace a sinuous long stem, petals unfurl to form a flower chalice to hold dew, dreams and joy.

Where have you been a faithful gardener in your life to your own wishes, dreams and callings? What is coming into bloom for you this spring? Blessings on your full Bloom! 


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Informal talk and book signing at Luminata Books and Gifts, June 27, 7:30pm 

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