May Day

My friend Betty Peck has hosted a May Day celebration for 60 years! Children and grown ups come to her garden to dance around the May Pole, braiding green and yellow ribbons to violin music and eating strawberry shortcake. As a child, I liked putting bouquets on neighbors doors, ringing the bell and running and hiding to see their surprise. Today I still feel there is no greater gift then a bouquet of flowers to give or receive.  What unexpected beauty have you received or given this spring? 


Tree Hugger

Every child will come into their own Full Bloom when they have time for free play in Nature. Imagination, health, and natural curiosity are awakened in each of us as we explore the wildness around us. These children are hugging oaks in the Happy Trails area of Ft. Ord and are active in saving these oaks from being cut for development.

When was the last time you hugged a tree or played in nature with a child?

Grand Canyon & Awe Beauty

Our National Parks are the great treasure of our country. Visionary leaders preserved the awe inspiring wildness for all of us to experience. For me, going down the Grand Canyon put me in a continual state of awe and gratitude. It is humbling and heart opening to be so small in the grandeur of Nature.

Tell me when you have been deeply moved and inspired by Nature.


Spring Equinox

Today we celebrate the Spring Equinox-when the day and night are equal. From today forward in the northern hemisphere each day will have more light, and the Earth will come out of dormancy and bloom.  

What is emerging in your life that has been rooting in the dark of winter?


Being A Bridge Person

“Bridge People” bring different cultural or philosophical points of view together. They link rival groups to form connections where diversity had kept them apart and distant. Today we need “Bridge People” more then ever.

Where in your life are you able to make meaningful connections between people?  



What do you love? This passion flower is a reminder to get in touch with all your passions, make a list and then figure out how you can bring them into your life for more meaning, fulfillment and delight.

What passions would you like to bring into your life this year?


North Star

We each have a personal North Star - a compass that we navigate our lives with according to our values. In this vegetable garden, the North Star is pointing to the Sacred Mountain and St. Frances. The star is planted with thyme, a reminder to give yourself time for growing your dreams.

What is your North Star?

Join me to discover your North Star and create your personal Life Map on Saturday, February 6 from 10-4pm at my Monterey home. See below for details.


Good Eye

My mother raised us six children to have a “good eye”- to be able to see well, and discern beauty.  “Miksang” is a Tibetan word meaning “good eye”. It has inspired a whole approach to contemplative photography to capture the essence of what you see when you are present. Photography can be a spiritual experience- to be present and allow the beauty of what you see come into your heart. 

Tell me of the beauty you have seen recently?


I’m planting seeds to invite you to future garden & art retreats with me, please let me know if you are interested! Would you like to come to Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France to paint and photograph? Are you interested in creativity retreats in my home and garden to deepen your skills in painting, photography and writing?